Self-Disclosure, Culture and Situational Influence: An Analysis of Interracial Interaction

By: DeRae Berry-Cyprian, Rachel nelson, and Belinda Yang (2017)

Concordia University, St. Paul

Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Kim Flottemesch

Diversity is continuously growing throughout college campuses which influence interactions between students from all different backgrounds. Researchers of this study chose to investigate how individuals communicate with those of different racial backgrounds. Specifically, this study explored the communication strategies used during interracial interactions. Participants of the study attend a private faith-based institution, in the Midwestern area of the United States. This study focuses on an individual’s willingness to learn and teach, preferred level of self-disclosure, and communication accommodation as it relates to how one communicates during interracial interaction. Overall, findings revealed individuals are generally comfortable interacting with those of a different cultural background; however, different situations can play a part in how individuals communicate with one another.

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